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Conveyors System For Companies/Industries, India

Conveyor System|Leak Testing Machine|Glue/RTV Dispensing | SPM Machine

Who we are?

Delight Automation, established in 2006, has been producing Innovative and automated system solutions catering to broader range of customer requirements in diverse market segments. Delight Automation is well equipped with the product basket offering these things :

Assembly Automation

Child part assembly with Robotic, Indexer based, auto feeding systems & servo slide etc.


Single part sealant, RTV, Nickel paste & Two parts high viscous meter mix dispensing systems

Testing – Leak & End of Line

Leakage Testing Machines for cast, machined, housing & assembly components.

End Of Line (EOL) Testing

To verify the performance of final product before dispatch.


Auto Gauging Fixtures, Auto gauging Special Purpose Machines SPM.

Some of our valued customers

We nurture every customer relationship with commitment, passion and integrity. We believe in converting business relationships into really long-lasting partnerships. Please find below, just a glimpse of some of our clients.

After sales service and support

Good products keep customers interested, but after-sales service keeps them loyal

After-sales service is an important part of modern-day businesses and it is important for both the buyer and the seller.

Delight Automation provide after sales service to all its delightful clients in futute for replacement of parts, upgradation of machines or embeding new modules in same existing machines.

Delight Automation also provide complete retrofication services for its clients

Product Range